The demand for a safe all weather multi-sport and leisure facility from all ages has never been higher and continues to grow at a very fast pace. Demand has far outgrown field availability. There is no other track facility in West Vancouver. Artificial turf fields are not as subject to poor weather conditions and are essentially a recreation center without walls. A single turf field replaces five grass fields

This large piece of flat land is centrally located, on a bus route, has ample parking and has disabled access.

West Vancouver School District 45 will continue to own the asset.

The projected cost is expected to be CAD $5.6 million and will be paid for through private donations by the citizens of West Vancouver and seed money from some community organizations.

$850,000 has been committed to date by the following organizations:

$250,000 West Vancouver Community Foundation
$250,000 West Vancouver School District
$100,000 West Vancouver Soccer Club

The Community has a requirement and citizens have come forward to support the project and raise the funds privately. The various levels of government are highly sensitive to adding assets,  operating budgets or taxes. This is a community asset that serves a number of sports initiatives including the school district. We are not relying on government assistance and have a caring community that wishes to make a difference.

The School District will maintain the sports facility with the assistance of municipal parks as needed.

User fees, rental fees and sinking funds will cover operational maintenance requirements. It is envisioned the Municipality and School District will jointly administer and maintain the sports field facility.

Between 8am and 5pm the West Vancouver Schools will use the sports facility through a coordinated schedule. Outside of school hours, West Vancouver Parks, Culture and Community Services will schedule the use.

School Physical Education classes will use during school hours Monday to Friday.  Other activities will include track and field, soccer, lacrosse, walking and running by all ages,  wheelchair activities, competitive events,  tai chi, yoga, art in the park.

This six lane facility can accommodate competitions with legal time registration. This track and field facility will accommodate all competitions except javelin and the hammer throw.

For the in-field, crumb rubber will not be used.  Reliable, environmentally sensitive artificial turf product with an in-fill that is both recyclable and safe for players will be used. The track surface will be a poly-urethane bound all weather rubberized material .

It took 5 years to research and define the feasibility for the district. Once it was determined the project had merit at a community level a fund raising committee was assembled. At that time the School District, West Vancouver Community Foundation and The West Vancouver Soccer Club initially placed funds to keep off the project plan.

This is an opportunity to promote healthy active lifestyles for all ages while building community engagement and athletic excellence.